Project Description

Challenge: How can we design a wearable system that allows the wearers to access information about their effect on others around them by deepening the understanding of these interactions?

RIIPPL is a personal social skills training system. It is designed to assist people with social skills challenges such as Asperger’s Syndrome. These skill are essential for navigating the complexities of the world — for managing conflict, emotional resilience, developing fulfilling relationships

and success at school and work. Just as fitness bands track physical exercise, RIIPPL will use wearables devices to collect data about how we interact with others. Using pattern recognition software, will identify social situations which make a user anxious and skills that are causing problems, like making conversational. It can suggest training exercises and challenges, track progress and provide real-time feedback and encouragement.

The goal is to empower users to develop the skills they need to confidently engage with others and realise their full potential.

Project Details