Project Description

How might we increase labour mobility within EU by supporting the workers with
useful and actionable information, drawn from big data?

Performed research has shown that there are 22.4M SMEs (50 to 250 employees) in UE willing to grow with the incorporation of international talent: hiring workers from abroad comes hand in hand with knowledge, new perspectives and creativity; and it supposes a wider pool of profiles to find the exact skills they require. At the same time, they need an efficient recruitment both in terms of time and budget, for cost of selection process is limiting for SMEs. And their investment must be protected: once they hire a candidate coming from abroad, there must be a guarantee that he/she will perform satisfactorily in the firm and will integrate into the new country, thus willing to stay in the firm instead of going back to the home country.

In parallel, there is a significant labour force looking for a job (242.3M seekers), and more than half of them (150M seekers) leverage on online platforms to spread their profile and increase their possibilities. In addition to finding a job, they pursue professional growth by means of an internationalization of their profile. This will eventually imply moving to a new country, so they will also need relevant information about accommodation, healthcare, bureaucracy and other practicalities, and most important: the reassurance and support of equals when moving abroad.

From the recruiters’ perspective, they can reach international talent and find best profile for their needs. We provide them with a ranking of candidates considering profile suitability and mobility potential, to make sure that workers coming from abroad will adapt to the country. Ranking is performed automatically, which shortens the process and improves recruitment efficiency.

From the candidate point of view, they can receive offers from all over Europe, which opens the door towards an international career and professional growth. Additionally, we provide them with relocation support, and we host a community of equals who can accompany them during mobility experience. In addition, for candidates who are not selected, we offer feedback on their mismatch for this selection process.

Finally, we collect feedback both from recruiters and candidates, which we use to improve internal operations for ranking the candidates.

Project Details