Project Description

SENTRA is the suit of the future. It looks like a regular combi suit, but actually, it consists of a lot more. This haptic suit will make your own virtual experience a lot more realistic than other methods, such as Virtual Reality glasses, Augmented Reality glasses, etc.

Our product is designed to psychologically train the people who need to be prepared for acting properly in emergency sanitary situations, such as MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières – Doctors Without Borders), firefighters, paramedics, etc. Those organizations need to have amazing doctors and logisticians working for them, and very well-prepared. This is why SENTRA will help them train these professionals faster, with a lighter emotional charge regarding the high-stress mission, and enhance their performance on the field. What we want to train is instinct and situational response to foreign events.

See our video and documentation for more information.

Project Details